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NMS Engineer
Czech Republic – Prague Stodulky
Off-Net Pricing Specialist
Bulgaria – Sofia
Pricing Specialist
Czech Republic – Prague Stodulky
Engineer, Facility Engineering
Czech Republic – Prague Stodulky
Low Level Design Engineer, Hosting
Bulgaria – Sofia


We have created a new web based working method with our recruitment suppliers.  If you have already registered with us and have received your log in and password, please enter those details into the log in fields.  On the page that opens, scroll down to Vendor Management Portal  and select: Go to Vendor Management Portal.  From this page you will be able to manage your jobs and your candidates that have been referred by you to Interoute.

If you are not a registered vendor, please fill out the form below and we will be back in touch.

Please provide us with addtional information in the General Info text box
Information that will help us to assess your suitability as a potential vendor to Interoute includes:

Your specific type of services offered
Your fields of specialisation and/or specialist candidate skill sets
Have you worked with Interoute before?
If so, where and on what type of vacancies?
Provide the name(s) of any Interoute HR or Hiring Manager that you have a historical relationship with.

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